Brandon J. Rosenberg

Cedar Creek County is a Christian Suspense and Thriller book series.
A sequence of Compelling and Exhilarating stories on how God can change anyone’s life.
A back door ministry by Christian author Brandon J Rosenberg

The Birth of the Series

I became acutely aware several years ago of the many emotional difficulties people have in their life. Difficulties stemming from depression leading to a constant addiction, which appears as a cover-up masking the underlying pain. Addictions come in many different flavors, alcohol, drugs, sex, and many more. But when they grab hold of a person, it is impossible to eradicate oneself from that bondage. In my prayer time, I sought guidance as to how I could even remotely help those with addictions.

Through the stories and characters of the Cedar Creek County Series, we read how ordinary people find Jesus, and by His power overcome their bondage to addiction. Follow Rachael and her friends as they struggle with their addictions, overcome them, and are blessed by Jesus.

The Journey of the Series

Rachael and her friends, in the Cedar Creek County Series, confront many obstacles and struggles during their journey of life. Some of the characters, eventually shed their outward facade as they face the reality of truth.

The Angel of the Lord says: “The truth shall set you free.”

As their collective journeys continue, afflictions are gripping several of the characters stealing the essence of life from within them.

However, there is a season for joy and gladness. While attempting to overcome their challenges, Rachael and her friends have many moments of bliss and contentment. Romance, weddings, and honeymoons.

Enjoy the intrigue, twists, turns, and surprises sprinkled throughout the stories of Rachael and her friends in their journey of life.

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