While the two brothers are walking in the mall looking for gifts to buy their girlfriends for Christmas, Josh asks his brother, Kevin, “When are you going to propose to Kara?”

“I don’t know. I love her….”

“I hear a but coming,” Josh exclaimed.

“Yeah, you do,” Kevin confirms Josh’s suspicion. “Kara intimates to me. She’s one of the youngest professors at the university, and I’m just a high school teacher.”

“You shouldn’t allow career status to prevent you from marrying the one you love,” Josh attempts to console his brother.

“I agree, but it’s more than just a career,” Kevin begins to share his heart. “Kara is not opposed to having children, but only if we adopt. She has no interest in having her own. Kara has stated that if she were to get pregnant, she’d have an abortion, which I’m totally opposed to.”

“I agree with you on that one, bro. Interestingly, Betsy and I are in complete agreement on raising a family. Lord willing, we’d like to have our first two virtually a year apart. Then adopt two also a year apart. No matter the outcome, we’ll likely have two boys and two girls.”

“So Josh, when are you proposing to Betsy?”

“I’m thinking of New Year’s Eve. I’m taking her to one of those fancy revolving restaurants up in the sky. “Say, why don’t you and Kara join us and give me moral support at the very least?”

“Sure, we’ll do that. I’ll invite Kara tonight.”

“Look!” Josh belts out with excitement, eyeing the engagement ring in the display window. “Let’s go inside.”

Not taking long, Josh decides on a ring that’s a thousand dollars less than the one on display.

“Betsy will be very happy with this ring, Josh,” Kevin assured his brother. “There’s no need to beat yourself up.”

“Yeah, I know. I tried hard not to be practical this time, but three thousand for a ring seemed too much. You really think she’ll like this one?”

“I could never afford a two thousand ring on a high school teacher’s salary. So, if she doesn’t like it, I’ll wear it!” Josh and Kevin roar with laughter.

Later in the week, after church service, the four go out to brunch.

While waiting for their food to arrive, Kara reacts to the pastor’s message.

“As you all know, I’m vocal on my beliefs, and I feel a pastor has no right telling a woman she can’t have an abortion.”

“Let me ask you a question, Kara,” Betsy begins her rebuttal. “Don’t you believe for even one second that a baby in the womb is a live human?”

“No, not at all. It’s just a fetus until about fifteen weeks into the pregnancy. That’s why if I ever got pregnant, God forbid, I’d have an abortion virtually immediately.” Kara, quickly glancing at Kevin, sees he’s not too happy with her reply.

“Listen, Kara, I don’t want to get into a heavy debate on this topic, but the reality of life is that abortion is murder for convenience,” Josh softly but firmly states his belief.

“I believe a woman can choose what to do with her body. A choice if she wants to carry a pregnancy to full term and raise a child,” Kara adamantly voices her opinion.

“You should hear yourself, Kara,” Betsy chuckles. “Your words define convenience for a woman. I don’t understand, Kara; you’re a smart, intelligent woman, yet you don’t know or don’t want to know that life begins at conception.”

“As I said, I believe life begins at fifteen weeks!” Kara firmly states her opinion.

“This is my last statement before our food arrives, I promise,” Josh tip-toes gently. “Doesn’t the university you teach at have a ‘Right to Life Club’ or something like that?”

“Yeah, I think so; why?”

“If I may suggest, you should attend one of those meetings and hear and see the entire life cycle videos they have,” Josh continues his tip-toeing.

“How do you know so much about this club?” Kara raises her voice.

“Betsy and I attended one sponsored by our church about a year ago. We wanted to make sure we completely understood the entire birth process. I think you’ll be amazed, Kara.”

“I don’t need to see or hear any video on the birth cycle. My mind is made up, and it will not change.”

“So, as a liberal professor, you’re not open to new ideas or thinking. Isn’t that strange?” Betsy inquires.

“Not on this topic! Tell you what, guys, I’ve decided not to go to the New Year’s Eve dinner party with you guys. Here’s my credit card; I’ll pay for brunch. You can give it back to me later in the week. Now, I’m going to the Campus Coffee Mug and having some great liberal conversations with other like-minded folks!”

Kevin is hurt, sad, and bewildered. “What just happened here, guys?”

“She’ll come around, Kevin, don’t worry. Just give her time to cool down,” Josh stated, trying to comfort his brother.

“It appears to me, Kevin, you and Kara are not equally yoked. Her words and actions don’t speak like a Christian’s. Yes, I know she attends church, but that doesn’t guarantee one is a Christian. Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life as bookends?” Betsy gently asks Kevin.

“I’m not sure of anything right now. We’ve been dating for three years, and It would be tough to start all over. But Betsy, you do have a point. I’ll swing by the university during lunch on Wednesday, invite her to evening church service, and see how it goes from there.”

“Hey! Here comes our brunch; I’m starving,” exclaims Josh. After giving thanks in prayer, they enjoy the food and conversation as best as possible.

As Kevin stated, he stops by the university, gives Kara her card back, and invites her to join him, his brother, and Betsy for Wednesday evening church service.

“Sure, I’ll go. Listen, I have some exams to grade, so I can’t chat now. I’ll meet you at church at 7 P.M., right?”

“Yeah, I’ll see you there,” Kevin didn’t want to start a conversation that could easily twist into a heated argument.

As he’s heading back to his car, Kevin whispers, “Heavenly God, help me.”

After his message, the pastor made an altar call inviting all to come to the altar, kneel, ask God to forgive their sins, and invite His Son, Jesus Christ, into their heart.

Kevin, Josh, and Betsy were shocked to see Kara walk down to the altar. Moments later, they could see Kara shaking and crying non-stop. Betsy walks down and places her hand on Kara’s shoulder to comfort her.

As Kara composes herself,  Kevin and Josh rush down to her aid.

“Are you alright, honey?” Kevin asks.

“Yeah, maybe yes, maybe no. I took your suggestion, Josh, and attended a meeting at the ‘Right to Life Club.’ The speaker and those videos opened my eyes and heart. Together with God and science, I now know life begins at conception. Kevin, can you forgive me? I would love for you to be the father of my children, excuse me, child-singular. After one year, we can discuss adopting a brother or sister for our baby.”

As Kevin hugs Kara tightly, Josh asks, “Does this mean you’ll join us for New Year’s Eve?”


Josh and Betsy give Kara a hug and rejoice. She’s now a member of the family of God.

Saturday morning, Christmas Eve, finds Josh and Kevin at the mall again, getting last-minute Christmas gifts for mom and dad.

“We’re having a change of plans, Kevin. We’ll be at Betsy’s parent’s house for Christmas, and I’ll propose to her as we pass out presents. I’ll have the ring hidden in her Christmas stocking. I’ve already asked her dad, who gave me a full blessing.”

“I’m happy for you and Betsy and full of hope. My cup, indeed, does run over with Kara becoming a Christian. But I’m going to wait till Valentine’s to propose to her. I think New Year’s Eve may be too soon after what recently occurred.”

“Yeah, I understand. The next six weeks will solidify your new relationship with Kara and the topic of raising a family. I pray you and Kara will have abundant holiday joy at our folks for Christmas. Give mom and dad greetings from Betsy and me.”

“You got it, bro!”

Christmas Day is filled with overflowing celebration as Josh asks Betsy to marry him, and she accepts.

The following week at the New Year’s Eve gala party, a turn of events occurred that no one expected. Minutes before the hands struck midnight, Kara got down on one knee, took Kevin’s hand, and proposed to him.

“Kevin, I know you’re a quiet, reserved person, but I love you just the way you are. I know I’m not perfect, but I would love to spend the rest of my life with you, so help me, God. And as I stated before, I want you to be the father of my child and adopt one. Will you marry me, Kevin?”

“Yes, of course. I do, I will, or whatever,” Kevin whispered.

They share several hugs and kisses, and Kara quietly slips a ring on Kevin’s finger.

“But, I don’t have a ring for you? This is so embarrassing. I was going to ask you on Valentine’s Day, but you beat me to the punch.” “You still can, and maybe get me a ring-like Betsy has.”

Brandon J Rosenberg is the Christian author of the Cedar Creek County Mystery and Thriller Series. He has the unique craft of combining Christianity and Worldly living into a compelling fictional story of how God can change anyone’s life. His stories are filled with intrigue, flirty romance, humor, and heartfelt miracles that will inspire you to the last page.

Enjoy reading all his books in the Cedar Creek County Mystery and Thriller Series.

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