Brandon J. Rosenberg

Cedar Creek County

Cedar Creek County is a Christian Suspense and Thriller book series.
A sequence of Compelling and Exhilarating stories on how God can change anyone’s life.
A back door ministry by Christian author Brandon J Rosenberg

Introduction from Brandon J Rosenberg

Cedar Creek County is a “Back-Door Ministry.”

Leading the unsaved to Jesus Christ through words written on pages.

My Christian Suspense and Thriller fiction novels are written to encourage and inspire people to seek the Lord.

Those who are down-trodden from the burdens of life and those with severe addictions.

I prayerfully hope you will consider walking the path inviting Jesus into your heart.

May the stories of Rachael and her friends give you direction as to how

God can change anyone’s life, including yours.

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    Introducing Brandon J Rosenberg

    Brandon J Rosenberg is the Christian author of the cozy mystery series, ‘Cedar Creek County.’ He has the unique craft of combining Christianity and Worldly living into a compelling fictional story on how God can change anyone’s life. His stories are filled with intrigue, mystery, humor, romance, and are heartfelt that will inspire you to the very last page.


    These fictional stories are for anyone who doesn’t believe that Jesus is real.

    For anyone who doesn’t believe the gift of healing by the power of Jesus is authentic.

    May the events and characters speak to you as they unfold throughout the story.

    So, you know, overcoming addictions by the power of Jesus Christ is real.

    I know so. I am living proof….Brandon J Rosenberg

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